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Texas Boys State Chairman  Casey Thomas

Texas Boys State Chairman Casey Thomas

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If you’re selected as a Delegate to American Legion Texas Boys State, you will join a long and distinguished line of exceptional Texas high school rising Seniors that have experienced this remarkable program since 1935.

There is nothing quite like Boys State, where you will learn about government by actually doing the complicated business of government. You will bond deeply with, and be challenged by, your well-rounded and highly-accomplished peers. It is difficult to describe how the program is often viewed as transformative to those that have the honor of attending. We are, and you should be, very proud of your selection. There is a reason colleges value the Boys State experience when assessing college applications.

As a Delegate, you will excitingly experience a fictional government but in a realistic and fun way—by participating in it; working through the nuances and nitty-gritty of legislation, people dynamics, and competing demands; debating the effects of proposed law and policy and associated considerations; and learning how to coalesce disparate views to affect positive change. It is not easy, but you will grow and enjoy this leadership action program in ways you cannot fathom.

No matter where in our great State of Texas you are from, you will create lasting memories and form new friendships. You will find that we are a family and that the relationships you forge often extend far beyond the end of the Boys State experience. Even a full 20 years after my Boys State journey, I continued to run into Boys State alumni and brethren, including in Iraq!

I wish to thank, in advance, the extraordinary staff teammates that volunteer hundreds of hours of their time to give to something greater than themselves and make this program tick. They are amazing people. The American Legion is immensely proud of this deeply meaningful and inspiring program. When you are done, you will not only feel a profound bond with your fellow Statesman and have learned a great deal, you will—most importantly—be positioned in a new way to actually make our Texas and America better.

On behalf of the American Legion Department of Texas Commander, Lloyd Buckmaster, and the rest of the 2.8 million war veterans who are members of The American Legion, I extend our warmest regards. We cannot wait to meet you!


Casey Z. Thomas
Texas Boys State Chairman
U.S. Army (Retired) | Thayer Leader Development Group
1992 Texas Boys State Governor | Boys Nation Delegate

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