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Parents Day

The final day of the program is especially focused for parental involvement to view the program.  On Friday morning, we are having a “come and go” College Fair for the Statesmen from 9:00 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. at a campus location on the UT-Austin campus (we will make sure you can locate it via signage that morning), and you are welcome to meet with college admissions professionals at that fair as well.  A sample of some of the scheduled schools that plan to be in attendance (subject to change, of course) are the following:  Abilene Christian, Arkansas, Baylor, Florida, Iowa State, Michigan State, Mississippi State, North Texas, Ole Miss, SMU, Southwestern, Texas A&M, Texas State, Texas Tech, The Citadel, UT-Austin, and West Point, to name but a few.  
In addition on Friday, we would love to have parents/guardians attend our closing ceremonies, which are scheduled to take place during the late morning hours.  We will also make sure to point you to that campus location through signage.  At the conclusion of the Closing Ceremonies, we will we will be gathering with parents to reflect on the week of what your sons have learned while they also have a similar meeting with their Boys State City members (we will direct you to that meeting location via signage). At the conclusion of this Parent Meeting, we will release you to pick up your sons and will provide direction on the bet way to do that logistically, as all 1,100+ young men will be departing at the same time, and we want to make your checkout process as smooth as possible.

Press Release Template

Now that the week of Texas Boys State has come to a close, we encourage you to spread the news to your local newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, and blogs. Below is a step-by-step guide and a template for sending out a news release to your local media outlets.

  • Step 1 — Download the following news release template (in Word document format) by clicking here

  • Step 2 — Customize the template for your son/student by inserting his full name and the name of his high school in the first paragraph of the release. These sections are noted with brackets and asterisks, such as [**Insert first and last name here**]

  • Step 3 (optional) — You may also choose to add an additional sentence or two about the specific offices your son/student won while at Texas Boys State or activities he may have been involved in. The best place to include this additional sentence or two is at the end of the first paragraph. For example:

    • AUSTIN, Tex. — The American Legion, Department of Texas today announced that Jimmy Jones of Austin High School has graduated from American Legion Texas Boys State. During the week, Jones was elected county judge, served as a party whip, and participated in the Boys State band.

  • Step 4— Save the news release and get ready to send it out to local media.

  • Step 5 — Identify the local media outlets you plan to contact with your news release. Nearly all news organizations have websites that provide clear instructions for how to submit a news release or a news tip. These submission instructions are usually found under a “Contact Us,” “Submit a News Story,” or “News Tips” link, which is usually found at the very top or very bottom of the page, and sometimes in a left-hand or right-hand menu. Or, you may find a list of staff members for the news organization on the website. If there is no specific instruction on how to submit a news release or news tip, then send the news release as an email attachment to the local news reporter or local news editor. Managing editors, assistant managing editors, and producers (for TV and radio) are also good people to contact.

  • Step 6 — Send the news release to the media organization and be available in case the reporter replies to your email with further questions and follow-up.

  • Step 7 — Watch your local newspaper, TV station, or radio station to see if your news story got picked up.

  • Step 8 — If your news release does turn into a published or on-air news story, we would love to keep track of that. Please notify us of any news mentions at TXLegionBState@gmail.com

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Parent’s FAQs

Can Parents and Family Attend The Sessions?

We encourage parental/guardian involvement on Sunday during check-in and then again highly encourage participation of friends and family on Friday, when we have our final events.  Bring your cameras!

Can my son Come and Go From the Program?

Boys State is a fast-paced program that requires full attention and complete involvement for the week. Any unique circumstances requiring time away from the program must be cleared with both the Chairman and Director in advance of the program.

What Happens if my son Must Leave Early Due to an Emergency?

Unfortunately, things happen outside of the program that are beyond our control (such as a substantial health issue for a family member).  In these situations, delegates will need to get the approval of both the Boys State Chairman and Boys State Director. Once approved, they will help arrange the logistics of getting the delegate prepared to leave the program.

How Can My Family Follow Along with What is Happening?

The website will be updated daily with posts and pictures. Also, you can follow us via FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

How Can I Send A Care Package?

To mail care packages to a delegate during the week of Boys State, use this format:

{Statesman Name]

American Legion Texas Boys State Program
[Boy’s State City Name and his Roster number]
University Station

Jester Dormitory
201 E 21st St
Austin, TX 78705

Who do I contact

Contact us here.

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